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Corporate Tax Planning & Advisory Malaysia - Vital Fact Group

Corporate tax planning & advisory Malaysia – Today’s borderless world has seen markets opening up and multilateral businesses being conducted. Technology has successfully broken barriers and hence commerce has now crossed all borders. These increasingly complex business environments pose greater challenges in the field of taxation which cannot be ignored. Should these issues not addressed properly, it could and would definitely result in exposing organisations to higher risks which could impact the overall cost of doing business.

Corporate and personal taxation is governed by the Inland Revenue Code, which dictates the specific rules that companies and individuals must follow when preparing their tax return. At Vital Fact, it is our aim to be your ultimate answer to your tax problems. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to meet today’s complex regulatory, technology and globalization challenges by maximizing the effectiveness of your tax functions. Our comprehensive business services cover tax services for individual, business & corporate tax planning, tax consultative services, tax planning assessment, tax audits & investigations, preparing and supervising the annual income tax declaration.

We shall be working hand-in-hand with you to ensure your business enjoy the right tax benefits based on your needs and aspects on the eligibility of tax ground. Our expertise allows us to facilitate, in many different ways, to add value to your business via creative tax planning and advisory on corporate or individual income tax compliance and submission in accordance with Income Tax Act 1967, IRB’s public ruling, tax audit & investigation frameworks, tax technical guidelines. We hope to lessen the burden of taxation matters which could exert tremendous pressure on the company in handling both the IRB officers and managing its business operation at the same time.

Corporate Tax Planning Malaysia

Corporate Tax Planning
Advisory Malaysia

  • Tax Compliance for Corporate (Sdn. Bhd. / Berhad/ PLT) on
    • Form C (Company tax)
    • Form CP204/CP204A (Company estimation/revision of tax)
    • Form E (Employer submission on Employees records)
  • Tax Compliance services for Individual on
    • Form BE (Personal tax)
    • Form B/P (Business/Partnership tax)
  • Tax Planning/Advisory in relation to business structure and issues
  • Tax Audit & Investigation
  • Administrative & Processing Services for Inland Revenue

What is the Differences
Between Us and Others

  • We put our hands together to reflect and shield your business to enjoy the right tax benefit and arrangements based on your needs and aspects on the eligibility of tax ground.
  • We will add value your tax on businesses with tax law to find creative ways to boost clients’ tax efficiency.
  • We reach or communicate out to client on time-to-time basis to furnish their inquiries or otherwise.

Frequently Asked

Why tax?

Compliance is the nitty-gritty of tax in order to file a client’s tax returns based on current regulations and deadlines. Tax consultancy is the problem-solving side of the tax business.

What will happen if a client default in tax payments?

The client will receive a notification of late payment penalty, and if the client fails to act on this notice, the client again will receive a notice of tax arrears from LHDN. LHDN will proceed to send you reminders as well as a notification of court proceedings. A travel restriction may be imposed on you as well if LHDN fails in their attempts to arrange for payment of taxes from you.

What is the difference between Income Tax Exemption, Income Tax Relief and Income Tax Rebate?
  • Income tax exemption refers to items which are allowed to be claimed from a specific source of income and not from gross total income.
  • Income tax relief refers to items which are allowed to be claimed under chargeable income. This usually refers to a program or incentive that helps reduce tax.
  • Income tax rebates refer to items which are allowed to be claimed under tax payable. In general, claims on income tax rebate are made on tax payable.

Searching for Professional Consultation Services?


Searching for Professional Consultation Services?

Vital FactAbout Us
Vital Fact is managed by members of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and income tax agencies. Our purpose is to help Malaysian small and medium enterprises handle corporate tax and sales and service tax (SST) matters.
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Vital FactAbout Us
Vital Fact is managed by the members of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and Income Tax Agent. We were established to assist Malaysia Small and Medium Enterprises on their company taxation and SST (Sales and Services Tax) affairs.
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